3 Retired FDNY Died this Week, 2 from 9/11 Related Illnesses

SI Advance - April 08, 2019

by Tracey Porpora

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Three retired city firefighters died this week -- two of whom succumbed to 9/11 related illnesses, according to an FDNY spokesperson.

Two of the three firefighters -- FDNY Lt. Timothy O’Neill, 60, and Firefighter Kevin Lennon, 54, -- succumbed to the toxins they were exposed to while working at Ground Zero, said the spokesperson.

The funeral for O’Neill, who died on April 2, will be held Friday at Sacred Heart R.C. Church in West Brighton, according to a report in the NY Daily News.

A third retired FDNY employee, Fire Marshal Michael Andreachi, 78, who died this week, also worked at Ground Zero, but his death hasn’t been officially linked to a 9/11 related illness, according to the report.

“The incredible bravery and selfless service displayed at the World Trade Center continues to take the lives of far too many of our members," FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said Saturday. "This is a painful reality for our department.”

According to the FDNY, more than 180 FDNY employees have died of illnesses related to the toxins at Ground Zero since Sept. 11, 2001.

That day, 343 members of the FDNY were killed.