FDNY: Firefighters Battle Fire at Apartment Building in Mount Eden

News 12 - February 05, 2019

by News 12 Bronx

MOUNT EDEN - Firefighters battled a fire at an apartment building in Mount Eden late Monday night, officials say.

The FDNY says the fire broke out on the sixth floor of the building around 10 p.m. Firefighters extended ladders to the roof and were shining flashlights on the building as they worked to put the flames out.

Officials say the fire spread to the loft of the building. They say the fire was under control by 11 p.m.

A family living in one of two apartments on the sixth floor that were affected most by the fire say they were offered help from the Red Cross but refused to leave because an ambulance picks up one of the family members from the building three times a week to receive dialysis. They say they ended up staying in the apartment overnight and slept on the floor in blankets and without heat or electricity.

The FDNY says there were no reported injuries of the building's residents or the firefighters.