65-2 #50 August 02, 2018

Manhattan Steampipe Explosion Exposure Report

Members who operated at Manhattan Box 0588, 141 5th Ave., the "5th Ave Steam Pipe Explosion," between July 19, 2018 and the conclusion of Fire Department operations on July 23, 2018, shall be instructed to complete Non-Biological Exposure Reports through the Computerized Injury Reporting System (CIRS) application, and to include the narrative below. This narrative has been developed by the Bureau of Health Services along with the Safety Command. It is suggested that all members who operated at this incident document exposure to hazardous materials through the CIRS application on the FDNY intranet.

The Narrative Shall Read:
'While operating at Manhattan Box 0588 Steam Pipe Explosion, I was contaminated with unknown particulates from the incident. It has been confirmed that the Con Edison steam pipe that exploded was in fact wrapped with asbestos insulation. This asbestos material was made friable and became airborne covering the area of operation after the explosion. Due to either the nature of my work or my overall proximity to the incidents' hot zone, I became contaminated by inhaling, absorbing via skin contact, or potentially ingesting the contaminated material. I have also been exposed and contaminated with other unidentified materials as a result of this explosion. At this time I am unaware of the effects that the exposure will have on my overall health and longevity.'

This narrative should be written verbatim in addition to any other details that may be pertinent to each individual member. In cases where Non-Biological Exposure Reports have already been submitted, an amendment should be made with this narrative included verbatim. Amendments can be made by choosing the Injury/ Exposure Report listed in the "Modify" section of CIRS.

The 16 digit FDID# for this incident, regardless of the date on which exposure from this incident may have occurred, is 18200-0588-02-1-0212.

Note than an exception to the seven day time limit for exposure reporting is being made for this incident and CIRS-1 forms will not be required. Also, notification to a Medical Officer for non-biological exposure is necessary only when symptoms related to exposure have been experienced.

Members encountering difficulty accessing CIRS shall contact Computer Support at (718) 999-2611/3171 for assistance. For issues regarding the program, contact Safety Command at (718) 999-7007. However, all exposure reports shall be completed at the unit level. Reporting injuries and/or exposures is the individual's responsibility.


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary