Motorcyclist Loses Arm, Leg in Brooklyn Crash

NY Daily News - May 04, 2018


A motorcyclist lost an arm and a leg and was hospitalized in critical condition Thursday after he crashed into a car in Brooklyn, cops said.

The motorcyclist was traveling eastbound on the Belt Parkway near Cropsey Ave. about 3:15 p.m. when he rear-ended the vehicle and went careening into a pole, witnesses said.

"He clipped her," said Josephine Fields-Hynes, a retired Army medic who jumped in to help the critically wounded biker. "He hit the back of her and he went into the pole, and the pole came down and there was a full explosion."

"His arm is here, but his body was over there," Fields-Hynes, one of two combat medics who came to help, said about the grisly scene. "His leg was amputated off.

"Everyone assisted," she said. "We just knew what we had to do."

The unidentified man was unconscious as medics took him to Coney Island Hospital in critical condition. His name was not immediately released.

"There was chaos, traffic, everyone beeping and we started worrying about the guy on the floor," said witness David Oistacher.

"Thank God for the FDNY and their tools."

Police were investigating the scene Thursday evening.