Cat Gets Stuck In Car's Engine on Upper West Side, Prompting Rescue from FDNY

NY Daily News - February 05, 2018


The rescue went purr-fectly.

Firefighters on Sunday saved a small cat that had gotten stuck deep inside the engine of a parked car on the Upper West Side.

The spotted brown short-hair was discovered when the owner of the car heard a strange sound as he tried starting his vehicle on 104th St. near Amsterdam Ave. about 2 p.m.

When the driver popped the hood, he startled the flighty feline, prompting the animal to burrow deeper inside.

Firefighters from Engine 76 worked for about 30 minutes to free the fearful furball and used several tools, including a high-powered saw. Upon being freed, the skittish kitty took a quick look around before scurrying down the street.