65-2 #4 January 19, 2018

2017 W-2 LODI Error Update

The Department is still in the process of correcting and reissuing members' 2017 W-2s. The Department has updated the UFA with the following information:

  • Members should hold off filing their taxes until the amended W-2 forms, with LODI wages separately reported, are available.
  • Members who live outside the 5 boroughs (Non-Resident) are reminded that they will also have a corrected 1127 Statement processed.
  • Members must file their 2017 tax return using their original W-2 & original 1127 Statement (if Non-Resident) along with the corrected W-2C & amended 1127 Statement (if Non-Resident) when filing their 2017 tax return.
  • FDNY is working with FISA/OPA in correcting this issue as quickly as possible. FDNY Payroll will send out an official notification as to when the corrected W2s & 1127 Statements have been posted on ESS and are available for distribution.

The UFA will update the membership as more information becomes available.


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary