Would You Risk Your Life for Just $27 A Day?

UFANYC.org - September 01, 2015

Several newly hired Black, Latino and Female FDNY Firefighters speak out about the dangers of being a New York City Firefighter and the lack of disability protections for new hires if they are hurt. They ask, "Would you risk your life for $27 a day?" UFA President Steve Cassidy stresses firefighters should not need to worry about getting hurt in the line of duty and should simply be focused on protecting the lives of New Yorkers.

UFA President Steve Cassidy explains that newly hired FDNY firefighters, many who are Black, Latino and Female were sold by City of New York recruiters and a multi-million dollar recruitment campaign on the promise of a great job with the best benefits. Those new, young firefighters say, "It was a lie." Numerous newly hired minority firefighters explain that they lack adequate disability benefits should they be seriously injured in the line of duty. Would you risk your life for just $27 a day?