Off Duty NYC Firefighter Saves Neighbor During Hurricane

Garden City News - November 09, 2012

An off-duty New York City firefighter, who is a resident of Garden City, is credited with saving a neighbor after a fire started in their Kenwood Road home on October 29th, duringHurricane Sandy.

Fire Captain Frank Leto, and his son, Matthew, a Garden City High School senior, heard a loud boom and saw that a nearby home was on fire. Neighbors outside the home told Leto that an elderly resident was still inside.

Although the home had already collapsed, Leto crawled in and found the man. Leto then dragged him out and handed him to his son, who carried the man next door.

Garden City firefighters, as well as members of departments in surrounding communities, tried to save the home, but their efforts were hampered by falling trees which blocked roads.

The fire is believed to have been caused by a falling tree dislodging a gas line.