Firefighters Cook Food for Far Rockaway Residents

NY Post - November 02, 2012


Two big-hearted firefighters took a break from dousing fires to flip 500 burgers and hot dogs for Far Rockaway residents impacted by the storm.

Kenny Hoch, of Engine 292 and John Basquez, of Engine 324, were temporarily assigned to work in Far Rockaway after Sandy hit.

"When we got here, it looked like a war zone," Hoch said. "It really hit home and put things into persepective."

The two men dug into their pockets and bought over $300 worth of food and drinks, firing up a barbecue grill from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Beach 96th Street and Beach 116th Street.

"We're firemen, we help as many people as we can," Basquez said. "These people really need it."

Local resident Kathleen Byrne also pitched in to help. "Just keeping crowd control," she said.

Meanwhile hungry residents savored the warm meals. "We feel like we are not alone," said Teresa Santos, 39, who weathered out the storm in her apartment.

"This shows there is still hope for us. People have not lost their spirit because these good men are helping us get through these difficult conditions."