New York's Bravest Hurt and Heal

Queens Tribune - September 16, 2003

by Liz Goff 

Kevin is nine now, but he celebrated his seventh birthday just two days before his firefighter dad went into the Twin Towers with his Queens Rescue Squad to “help people get out” and never came out himself.

The little boy’s mother has tried to return some normalcy to Kevin’s life and to the lives of his three sisters.

“It’s difficult,” she said, “We try to move on with school and scouts, dance and karate lessons.” The girls — ages 14, 13 and 11 — seem to be adapting “better and easier than Kevin,” mom said. “But Kevin, he just keeps searching for his dad.”

Kevin’s father’s remains were never located. Kevin’s third-grade class went on a field trip earlier this year, to visit the South Street Seaport and Ground Zero. His teacher turned away for a moment “and Kevin was gone,” his mother said. “He was found a few moments later, digging through some soil and debris – and his pockets were filled with sand and pebbles,” she said. Kevin told his teacher he wondered if he might find something from his dad in the pile of soil, she said.