65-2 #9 March 07, 2002

Union Issues, Events & Benefits

  • Pelco And California Fire/Police Alter Plans
  • Montauk Fishing Tournament - Family Day
  • Stress-Relief
  • Resources In Nightmares And Other Dreams
  • Handyman Job in Town of Islip is UNION BUSTING tactic

Pelco And California Fire/Police Alter Plans
This letter is a follow-up from the David McDonald, Pelco CEO letter dated 2/28/02. Party change of date: Wednesday March 13th, 2002. Place: Pier 90 12th Avenue and 55th Street. From 7:00 p.m. - midnight. Donation of $25.00 at the door for food and beverage. After costs, all proceeds will go to the Thomas Elsasser Fund. We look forward to seeing all of our West Coast friends. We will have an opportunity to show them some New York hospitality and gratitude for our very memorable California Memorial Trip. See you there. Bill Nolan, Engine 265, Emerald Society, FDNY Gaelic Football Team. Firehouse &18-476-6265. Cell 516-782 1192.

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Montauk Fishing Tournament - Family Day
Our friends at the Montauk Captains Association have joined together with several of our firefighters and are hosting a day of fishing fun for the families of our fallen brothers of the FDNY scheduled to take place on Monday, July 1, 2002. All expenses will be paid for by the Montauk Captains Association and the

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Brothers, the events of 9-11 will be forever engraved in our hearts. Yet it is the aftermath, the post-traumatic stress that is the real 'silent killer'. Advantage Marketing Systems, an Oklahoma City based nutritional company has donated thousands of dollars worth of the worlds leading anti-stress formula (a liquid food supplement called Prime One). The product has been shipped to the UFA office and is now available and free to all FDNY members and their families. It is totally safe and can block the damaging effects caused by stress to our bodies. It can also build your immune system and many other benefits. It is truly a remarkable product and it works as I and my family and many, many others use it every day. For more information and your free product, please contact Phil Cappadora, Engine 81 (w) 718-430-0281 or (h) 845-294-9629. May God continue to bless the FDNY and all the family and friends of our fallen brothers. Phil Cappadora.

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Resources In Nightmares And Other Dreams
For NYC Firefighters (active and retired). Purpose: to demonstrate how dreams (including nightmares) can be worked with and why you'd want to - information to benefit yourself and all those you're assisting since 9/11. Free. Two sessions scheduled. Come to one or both. Friday, March 8, 1 p.m. - Ardsley (in Westchester, near the Hudson). Wednesday, March 13, 1 p.m. - Jamaica, Queens. Contact Gloria Sturzenacker (former editor, WNYF) at (718) 899-7412 or e-mail her at glsturz@cs.com to reserve a spot. Directions to location will be given when you sign up. More sessions will be scheduled. If you can't make it to these, let us know the times/days of the week/locations that are convenient for you. Even the worst dreams come to help. They offer resources to help understand an issue more clearly and have more freedom in coping with it. Skills can be developed to get at those resources by anyone with enough interest. The first part of each session will be informational - about where dreams come from, the ways they carry information, and how they can be extremely useful. In the second part of the session, we'll work with one or more dreams from the group. No one is ever forced to tell their dream, and there's no guarantee anyone will tell a dream in a given session. This second, 'dream-sharing' part of the session will follow the widely used method developed by Dr. Montague Ullman. It puts the 'safety' of the dreamer first - in other words, the person telling the dream always has the final say on what it means and how far to go with it. The group is there to support the dreamer in discovering the dream's message, and group memberss often get as much out of the work as the dreamer (even if they have a completely different opinion about what the dream means). The Ardsley session will be led by Montague Ullman, clinical professor emeritus, department of psychiatry, Albert Einstein Medical Center. He founded the first fully operational community mental health center in NYC, at Maimonides Medical Center, in 1967. He's spent the past three decades leading dream-sharing groups. The Queens session will be led by Gloria Sturzenacker, former editor of WNYF, who is trained in the Ullman Method of dream group leadership. She has presented her own dream research for the past five years at annual conferences of the Association for the Study of Dreams, and is a volunteer on the National Nightmare Hotline (toll-free, 1-866-DRMS911).

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Handyman Job in Town of Islip is UNION BUSTING tactic
On the last 65-2, #9, we included a part time job opportunity in the Town of Islip at $10 per hour. We have received feedback that these openings are new non-union slots to replace recently laid off union workers. It amounts to nothing more that union busting. DO NOT offer to fill these scab positions, which will hurt the brothers at Local 237. Sorry for the unchecked notice.


Recording Secretary,