65-2 #19 July 16, 2002

Union Issues, Events & Benefits

  • UFA Presidential Run Off Ballet Count
  • Rig Decontamination

UFA Presidential Run Off Ballet Count
Pending receipt of official certification from American Arbitration Association of the results of the run-off election of executive board officers which was held on Wednesday, July 14th, the following is the unofficial tabulation:

= Winner
Brooklyn Queens Manhattan Bronx S. I. Total Cassidy 1359 516 718 648 184 3425 Mirro 555 1042 617 425 265 2904

Now that the election process is complete, let's take a look at your new August 1st UFA Executive Board:

President - Stephen Cassidy
Vice President - James Slevin
Brooklyn Trustee - John Kelly
Queens Trustee - Thomas DaParma
Recording Secretary - Joseph Miccio
S.I. Trustee - Donald Ruland
Treasurer - Kevin McAdams
Manhattan Trustee - Rudy Sanfilippo
Sergeant At Arms - Philip McArdle
Bronx Trustee - Robert Straub
Fire Marshal Representative - Edward Burke

Good luck to the winners. We hope to gain the support of the entire membership, if that is possible, over the next three years. Without your participation and assistance, success will not be possible. Together, we shall progress as a union.

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Rig Decontamination
After meeting with the Commissioner’s Office and FEMA the following plan has been established for rig decontamination.

The decontamination of the 152 rigs from the first day of the WTC will begin within the next two weeks, with 10 rigs per week being serviced. All other rigs that were at the site after 9/11 will be tested for asbestos, thoroughly cleaned and detailed and deconned if necessary. There will also be ongoing air monitoring tests on fire apparatus to make sure that the asbestos is not airborne.

The vendor that has been chosen will follow decontamination guidelines established by the Department, which were approved by the UFA and UFOA. It is our understanding that once this operation is up and running the city may hire a second vendor in an effort to expedite the process.

We will keep you updated on the decontamination and testing as more information becomes available.

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Recording Secretary,