65-2 #28 November 15, 2002

House Closings, Staffing Reductions & Community Boards

The Department confirmed that it intends to reduce staffing on 49 engine companies to four firefighters, which cannot be implemented sooner than December 1st. It also intends to close eight companies, which may not take place prior to December 27th. The following companies are listed:

  • Brooklyn:
    • E-204, E-209, E-212, E-278, Squad 252 is listed as replacing an existing company in Manhattan

  • Queens:
    • E-261, E- 293

  • Manhattan:
    • E-36

The total number of alarms we respond to during each of the past five years are as high as the peaks of the seventies. The people of New York City stand to receive less protection, both fire and medical, if the city proceeds with these closings. We are working with City Council Members and will need to assist the local community boards to fight these dangerous reductions. All companies should reach out to their local community boards, as will the UFA. The following numbers and addresses are provided FYI:

It is important that the UFA, all firefighters and local communities work together to keep the local communities in New York City safe. The Executive Board will be working with all involved parties and will keep you informed of any confirmed developments. More info to follow.


Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary,

Stephen J. Cassidy