Fairfax 2015 Athlete, Friends & Family Registration is NOW OPEN!

On Wednesday, October 1 at 12PM ET / 4PM GMT individual and team registration will officially open for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games, set to unfold in Fairfax County and the National Capital Region from June 26 through July 5, 2015.

We highly recommend that you register as early as possible via our website. The buzz and the chatter on social media and the Fairfax 2015 website have been enormous. We know that the moment registration opens, the action will be furious. We fully expect several sports to ‘sell-out’ in a matter of weeks. The urgency is legitimate. As the potential competitive field for several of the sports can be limited by venue size and available dates, once a field is filled, it’s filled.

To register for a sports event or as friends and family: http://fairfax2015.com/registration

Complete sports list and schedule: http://fairfax2015.com/schedule

We will be hosting a LIVE video chat room on our website to answer any questions you might have regarding the registration process or the Games in general. Stop by and watch us launch Games registration live at 12PM ET on October 1st. http://fairfax2015.com/videochat

If you have any questions or need assistance e-mail will be the preferred method of contact. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. If you have questions related to:

Once you complete the Games registration process there are a few more items that will make your athlete experience complete:

  1. http://fairfax2015.com/911social - Sign up for our self hosted Official WPFG Social Network and join your sports social group. Here you can stay up to date on any changes with your event, ask your sports coordinator any questions regarding your event, or meet fellow athletes that share your passion.
  2. http://fairfax2015.com/accommodations Find a hotel close to your venue or close to area shopping, food and the amazing tourist sites in the National Capital Region.
  3. http://store.fairfax2015.comStop by the Fairfax 2015 WPFG Store and pick up official Games Gear. Everything from shirts, jackets, sports equipment and more.
Remember, we are here to help you get through the registration process. Take advantage of the live video chat room or email us at the addresses listed above.

Thank you for your continued support as we host your Games next summer.