Union Meeting's President's Report

Thursday, November 12th, 2015
President's Report
for Special Membership Meeting
Hilton New York JFK Airport Hotel, Queens, NY

Special Business

Flu Vaccinations Available Today
UFA Sergeant-at-Arms / Health & Safety Officer, Gerard Fitzgerald, has arranged with FDNY BHS to have Flu Shots administered before and during today's meeting. It is recommended that all members avail themselves of this opportunity. This is the BEST way for members to protect themselves and their families.

Healthplex Benefits Provider Table Today
Healthplex administrator professionals have a table today to provide info, literature, and answer questions about UFA Dental Plan options during this rollover period.

UFA 2016 Calendars Available Today
Delegates or alternates should pick up their Company's calendars at today's meeting.

Security Benefit Fund (SBF) Help Table Today
Members who require help regarding dental, prescription drugs, optical or any other benefits provided via the UFA SBF, should visit the SBF table today. SBF personnel are there to help you.

Delegate Photos at Today's Meeting
Photos will be taken at today's meeting for all delegates that do not have a current ID card.

Today's Agenda

UFA Constitution Amendments
The proposed UFA Constitution Amendments will be discussed and voted upon today. The UFA Executive Board would like to thank all the committee members that attended the September 30th meeting. The Executive Board and Constitution Committee's votes along with the complete text of the Proposed Amendments contained in 65-2 #48 of 2015, which was mailed to all FHs and Delegate residences.

Contract Update
On Monday November 2nd, the PBA received a draft of their arbitration award from Howard Edelman. The PBA was informed that for 2010-11, they would receive 1% for each of the 2 years. The official award is expected soon, and UFA delegates will have an opportunity to vote on our contract, at a tentatively scheduled special delegate meeting on Monday, November 30th. President Steve Cassidy will update the membership at today's meeting.

Election Day Update
The UFA would like to thank all of the volunteers that showed up for GOTV on Election Day. We are happy to report that the UFA endorsed candidate Mike McMahon for Staten Island DA won a close election. He was very grateful for our support and acknowledged it during his victory speech. In the other priority election for the UFA, our candidate Fred Ashkar also won the open state senate seat.

Zadroga Update
The UFA along with many other labor groups and the Citizens for reauthorization of Zadroga, continues to lobby congress on behalf of our members. The Executive Board would like to thank those members that turned out at the recent press event at 1-WTC, along with members of the New York Delegation. On Thursday November 5th, UFA Board Members along with the UFOA, IAFF, AFL-CIO and retired Firefighter Ray Pfieffer, spent the day in Washington lobbying members of both houses. A special thanks to Ray and his family for once again making the trip to DC, in support of this important legislation. The UFA would like to acknowledge the IAFF, and its support throughout this process, along with producing public service videos that will be airing in the near future. Additional information is available on the UFA website. UFA President Cassidy will update the membership.

Labor Management Issues

BISP Pilot Program
The UFA is requesting all Delegates in the pilot program companies to keep the Executive Board updated on any concerns you have during the pilot program.

Kaleidoscope Diversity Training
A new program established by the Kaleidoscope Group in which all FDNY members will participate in a diversity training program, was to begin in early November. Once again delegates should notify the UFA Executive Board of your concerns and any "issues" that may come up.

PA/ID 1-2007 Light Duty Policy
Both the UFA & UFOA met with the department during our respective Labor Management Meetings and voiced our concerns with the new policy.

UFA Dental Plan Transfer Period
The Dental Transfer Period for Active and Retired members, where members may roll over between plans, ends December 31st. Changes become effective on January 1, 2016. Members needing transfer forms, fee schedules, and literature, call the UFA SBF office, 212-683-4723. To insure there is no interruption of coverage, we suggest submitting any changes by December 15th.

Special Health Plan Changeover for Retirees
Because of additional plan offerings, the city is allowing Retirees to change plans this month despite it being an odd year. Retired members can change health plans November 1st - November 30th. Health plan changes requested during the Transfer Period will be effective the first day of the first full payroll period in January 2016 for active members. Late changes will not be accepted by the City!!! Health plan changes requested during the Transfer Period will be effective the first day of the first full payroll period in January 2016 for active members. Late changes will not be accepted by the City!!!

During the annual Transfer Period members may transfer into any health plan offered for which they may be eligible, add or drop optional rider coverage or add or drop dependent(s). To make changes (including enrolling in the Buy-Out- Waiver Program), the member must complete a Health Benefits Application. (To elect the Buy-Out Waiver Program or change health premium contribution tax status, members must fill out both a Medical Spending Conversion Enrollment/Change Form and a Health Benefits Application).

Forms are available at www.nyc.gov/olr or through the Health Desk at Fire Headquarters. Members who waive their City health benefits will lose their PICA drug coverage. Certain changes can instead be made on the City's Employee Self Service (ESS) website at www.nyc.gov/ESS.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If adding or deleting a spouse or child using ESS, the on-line updates will be held as "pending" until hard copies of the correct documentation (per Dept. policies) are received.

UFA Scholarship Fund Awards
The UFA Scholarship Fund mailed scholarship checks last week to over 800 eligible members and dependents who filed by the deadline. Any member who does not receive a check by November 21st should contact Katie Kelly, 212-683-4832.

UFA Delegates Choice of Vacation
As per PA/ID 3-92, Official UFA Delegates may request a "Delegates Vacation" to change only half of their regularly assigned vacation. All Delegates must submit Form BP-550 to the Bureau of Personnel no later than December 20th.

Update Your Address, Email, Phone #s with the UFA
Members and Delegates wishing to receive important information or notifications from the UFA should insure that their residence addresses, email addresses, home and cell phone numbers on file with the UFA are updated and accurate. In order to do this, you must prepare and sign a 'SBF Change of Address Form' and mail to the UFA, Attn: SBF. Forms can be obtained from your Delegate, who can assist you, or you can call the UFA SBF at 212-683-4723, or visit the Forms Section of the UFA web site. Additionally, members wishing to receive e-mails from the UFA should add the UFA e-mail address, UFA@ufanyc.org, to their contacts.


Stephen J. Cassidy