Union Meeting's President's Report

Friday May 13, 2016

Regular Business

President's Update
UFA President Steve Cassidy concludes this seminar with updates on new/old business concerning our membership.

Political Action
The UFA Executive Board would like to thank all those members who turned out to vote on April 19th and those who volunteered to help in the Chris McGrath campaign in Nassau County. Senate leader John Flanagan expressed his gratitude to the UFA during the primary. Turnout in the fall elections will be vital. Pay attention to upcoming 65-2's for more information.

Professional vs Volunteers
This past week, the city of Port Chester terminated its entire paid department, this follows recent layoffs in Garden City and the threat of going all volunteer in the City of Long Beach. UFA Vice President Jim Slevin will update the membership.

Volunteering in Paid FD? UFA & IAFF Constitution Violation
Article XVI, Section 3 of the UFA Constitution, as well as the IAFF Constitution, prohibit volunteering as a Firefighter in a paid fire department. Members who do this jeopardize other professional firefighters' careers and livelihoods. If the UFA receives a report of a member that is in violation of these provisions, as required, proceedings will begin to address the allegation. If confirmed, the offending member may be declared "a member not in good standing" as well as have his or her name listed in the UFA FireLines publication, which is circulated to all 20,000 active and retired members.

SBF/RSBF Benefits Improvements
The UFA Executive Board approved benefit increases to both active & retired members' optical and hearing aid plans. We expect the benefits to start No Later than July 1st.

UFA Fire Marshal Representative Election
Candidate Petitions (original signatures only) are due at the UFA office by 5pm on Friday, June 3rd. The Candidate Nomination Meeting will take place during the June 9th Union meeting at the Hilton New York JFK Hotel. Candidates who submit verified signature petitions must be nominated by an active Fire Marshal from the floor at the June 9th Union Meeting. Any Fire Marshal interested in seeking election, must contact the Recording Secretary LeRoy McGinnis at 212-545-6973. The mailing dates for Ballots will be announced on an upcoming 65-2. The FM Rep elected will take office effective August 1, 2016 for a 3-year term.

UFA Financial Statement
UFA Treasurer Edward Brown reports that the UFA Financial Statement was mailed to all Firehouses and Delegate home addresses, as per the UFA constitution. Ed will update the membership and answer questions.

Delegate Education Seminar Concludes
The entire UFA Executive Board thanks each and every Delegate or Alternate who sacrificed their valuable time and made the effort to participate this week. It is our objective that the comprehensive training received during the seminar will be of great assistance when helping your members and their families regarding the many issues they face. The agenda and course titles are also posted on the UFA website. Besides the time you spend at our Education Seminar, we realize you invest considerable time throughout the year in order to educate yourself on issues of importance to your members. We'd like to thank you once again for all you do and the leadership role you take. It does make a difference!


Stephen J. Cassidy