Political Action Update: April 2017

  • New York State Budget Passed: Slightly more than a week overdue, the formal 2017/18 budget was passed by the Senate and Assembly. We are reviewing the budget to see how NYC Firefighters may be affected. UFA President Jim Slevin will update the membership at today's meeting.
  • Tax Cut for Union Members: This will increase the number of union members in the state eligible to deduct their union dues on their state tax return. Right now, only a small percentage of union members that itemize deductions on their federal taxes take this deduction due to limitations built into the law. The state budget agreement removes those limitations at the state level. Members will still need to itemize at the federal and state level to take advantage of the deduction. For those who currently do itemize at the federal level, the state will get rid of the current limit on the deduction and allow the full amount of union dues to be deducted. Previously, only the amount in excess of 2% of an individual's adjusted gross income was deductible.
  • Constitutional Convention: Once again, we remind all members active & retired that this November, a ballot referendum asking New Yorkers to vote on having a Con/Con in 2018. Of course we urge all members to VOTE NO, and we will be sending out talking points and additional literature for our members, their family and neighbors. Our Labor Counsel will be holding a workshop at the Delegate Seminar in Atlantic City on this topic.
  • New Bills for Fire: Legislation is being prepared for this session in Albany, concerning improvements to Tier 3 members. Bills support: Adding ITHP, counting prior service time for EMS who are promoted to Fire, and removing the statutory ineligibilities that exist when Tier 3 members become service-retirement eligible.

Register to Vote

In order to be eligible to vote in the general election on November 4th!

The easiest way to register to vote is online through the DMV's Web site HERE. MyDMV requires you to create an online account, completely removing any paper from the process. Anyone with a NYS driver's license is eligible to register online.

Another simple tool to register to vote is through the Board of Elections website, (for NYC Residents) HERE or (outside of NYC) HERE. Just complete the form, print, and put it in the mail. If you have any questions, please reach out to your delegate.

The first step in getting involved in the political process is registering to vote.