Health & Safety: Safety Messages

65-2 #18 February 26, 2007

Safety Message #2 - Winter Weather Driving

UFA Health and Safety Officer / Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Romaka wishes to remind the Membership to take their safety responsibilities seriously at all times. We will continue to highlight and remind our members of "safe actions" as spelled out by the Department. Stay well and stay safe!

The FDNY Safety Bulletin #27, "Winter Driving Tips" states the following: ...winter hazards and other hazards can be minimized by applying the following driving rules:

  1. Be alert to changes in driving conditions. Recognize the dangers and proceed cautiously.
  2. Slow down when visibility is reduced and when inclement weather makes driving difficult. Remember - other vehicles have the same problems and may not be able to get out of your way.
  3. Watch out for pedestrians. They're struggling with slippery sidewalks and may not see or hear you coming.
  4. To avoid a tragedy, expect the unexpected and be prepared to cope with it.
*Please refer to the full Safety Bulletin #27 and familiarize yourself with its full content. Other important winter driving tips which should be adhered to are spelled out in UFA Safety Message #8 of last year. As safety should always remain of utmost importance to our members, please take the time to review previous safety messages and respond accordingly.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary