Health & Safety: Safety Messages

January 19th, 2017

Safety Message - Flu

Given the potential for a health crisis arising from the Flu epidemic, I would like to remind you that it is imperative to properly protect yourselves and your families by observing the following:

Washing hands is the simplest and most effective way of preventing illness.

This can prevent transmission of the flu bug and other illnesses. In addition this will prevent unwanted ingestion or absorption of carcinogens from bunker gear and firefighting equipment.

Get your flu shot. Flu season runs through May. The flu shot is still available at BHS during normal business hours or during company medicals.

Ensuring the health and safety of the membership is our priority. Remember to continue to make it yours!

Health & Safety Officer / Sergeant-at-Arms *Phone: 212-683-4832
*Fax: 212-683-4768


James M. Slevin

Michael Schreiber
Sergeant-at-Arms / Health & Safety Officer