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November 12, 2010
NY Post - I Gotcha, Baby!

NY Post - '5'-Alarm Hero

NY 1 - Queens Firefighters Honored By ASPCA

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - Sen. Golden Serves 'Sunny Side Up' Salute to Veterans

SI Advance - Organizers Surpass Goal to Build Home for Wounded Staten Island Vet Brendan Marrocco

November 11, 2010
NY Daily News - As Death Toll of 9/11 Responders Nears 1,000, Pols Want Autopsy Standards to Pinpoint Causes

November 10, 2010
NY Daily News - Judge Extends Deadline for 9/11 Deal by 1 Week, Citing 'Huge Influx of Claims' at Last Minute

The Wall Street Journal - Extension Granted in 9/11 Health Suit

NY Post - 9/11 Memorial's Fountains Flow

NY Post - 2 Officers Injured After SUV Broadsided

Newsday - Judge Extends Deadline for Ground Zero Health Settlement

Associated Press - Settlement Deadline Passes for Ill 9/11 Responders

November 09, 2010
NY Daily News - Sick WTC Heroes Wait For Final Tally To Know Whether $712M Settlement is Accepted

The Wall Street Journal - Approval Seen for 9/11 Deal

CBS 2 - Firefighters Training in New Mobile Unit

Newsday - Ground Zero Settlement Tally Delayed as Deadline Hits

NY Times - Caution Ordered as 9/11 Deadline Nears

NY 1 - Deadline Arrives For 9/11 First Responders To Sign Onto City Settlement

Chief Leader - Deadline Passes For Accepting Settlement For WTC Illnesses

November 08, 2010
Newsday - 9/11 Workers Face Deadline to Accept Settlement

NY 1 - WTC Health Settlement Deadline Nears

Associated Press - 9/11 Workers Face Deadline For Health Settlement

November 07, 2010
NY Daily News - Shawn Gates Won't Let Lupus Catch Up With Her; She Plans to Use Marathon As Fund-Raiser to Find Cure

NY Daily News - World Trade Center Heroes Set to Accept $760 Million Settlement, but Some Skeptics Still Holding Out

NY Post - Deathtrap Raves Shut by FDNY

Crain's New York Business - Clock Ticking on $713M Deal Between WTC Workers and City

November 06, 2010
NY Daily News - Illegal Flophouse at Staten Island Home Site of Deadly Fire that Killed Woman - Blaze Destroys Church in Springfield Gdns.

NY 1 - FDNY Reminds New Yorkers to Change Smoke Detector Batteries

November 05, 2010
NY Times - Passion Still Burns for New York's Bravest

NY Daily News - With GOP House Takeover, It's 'Now or Never' to Pass 9/11 Bill

NY Daily News - Harlem's Bravest Beats Out Other Boroughs' FDNY Houses to Win Daily News' Cookoff Event

NY Daily News - Staten Island House Fire Kills Woman on Top Floor

NY Daily News - Harry Reid and Kirsten Gillibrand Must Get Trade Center Health Bill Passed in Senate

NY Post - Woman Dies in Staten Island Attic Fire

SI Advance - Caught in Elm Park Blaze, Attic-Dweller Dies; No Smoke Detectors in the House, FDNY says

NY 1 - Woman Dies In S.I. House Fire

November 04, 2010
MyFoxNews - Rise of Freedom: Hangar 17

November 03, 2010
NY Daily News - NYC's Top Firehouse Chefs Try to Smoke Their Foes in the 5 Alarm Cookoff Finale

NY Daily News - 83-year-old Parish Church of Saint Mary Magdalene Counts Its Blessings After Devastating Fire

SI Advance - A New Way Sports Will Honor Staten Island Heroes

NY Daily News - Zadroga 9/11 Health Bill Has Been a Victim of Typical Partisan Gamesmanship

November 02, 2010
City Hall - Job on the Line, DiNapoli Looks to Labor (and Schumer) for Salvation

DNAinfo - Four Residents Injured in Fire at Webster Apartments in Midtown

Newsday - At 94, His Fire's Still Burning

Chief Leader - Say Unions Can Ride Out Assault on Jobs, Benefits

November 01, 2010
CBS 2 - Parishioners Mourn Loss of Beloved Queens Church

October 31, 2010
NY Post - 'Cop Sgt.' $$ Demotions

NY 1 - Queens Fire Injures Eight; FDNY Probes Response

October 30, 2010
NY Daily News - UPS Terror Scare: Fear Hit Heart of Brooklyn - If Only Briefly

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