65-2 #8 January 21, 2011

Fire Marshal Representative Run-off Election Ballot Deadline

In accordance with the UFA Constitution, a run-off election is taking place for Fire Marshal Representative between Steven Tagliani, BFI and Douglas Ryder, BFI. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) mailed ballots on Friday, January 14th, to all active Fire Marshals. Ballots must be returned to the AAA by 9am on Tuesday, February 1st. Any Fire Marshal who has not received a ballot yet is directed to immediately call AAA directly at (800) 529-5218, M-F 9am to 5pm, and give their correct residence address and actual assigned unit - not their detail location. A ballot will mail to you that same day. Ballots will be counted on Tuesday, February 1 commencing at 9am. The winner will be announced that day, and will take office effective immediately.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary