Thousands Of Firefighters Gathered To Remember Fallen Brothers

NY 1 - October 12, 2006

by the Fire Department of New York revealed the cause of an accident that caused serious head injuries for a Manhattan firefighter in May.

While hundreds of firefighters spent Wednesday morning battling a fire in the Bronx, thousands of others gathered in Riverside Park to pay tribute to their fallen brothers.

Blue uniforms lined Riverside Drive, saluting families of Michael Reilly and Howard Carpluk after each received a Fire Department flag and the Fire Department Medal of Valor. Reilly and Carplunk were killed August 27th at a fire in the Bronx after the ceiling in a burning building collapsed. Chief Sal Cassano said the strategy in this latest fire, to fight the blaze from outside, was not a reaction to what happened to Reilly and Carpluk.

"The chiefs made a conscious decision," said Cassano. "We've pulled firefighters out, this has nothing to do with why the Bronx, the Bronx fire. It was a risk versus reward, this was a large two story taxpayer, they had trouble finding the fire; locating it, and they decided to make it a defensive operation."

Roughly 7,000 firefighters turned out to pay their respects to Reilly and Carpluk.

Amanda Farinacci