Metro-North Commuters Stuck on Train to Grand Central Terminal after Track Fire

WNBC 4 - October 07, 2018

Passengers complained of being stuck on a Metro-North train into Grand Central for more than 40 minutes Friday morning after a reported track fire, while other commuters reported seeing smoke at the terminal.

The MTA said a small track fire broke out at the terminal.

About 9:50 a.m. Metro-North confirmed it was seeing delays up to 20 minutes in and out of the Terminal due to FDNY activity.

The MTA said by 10 a.m. the fire had been extinguished; within half an hour the MTA reported that service on all lines out of Grand Central Terminal were running normally.

One MTA train was delayed at Melrose Station and a second train was delayed Tremont Station as a result, MTA spokeswoman Nancy Gamerman said. There were scattered residual delays across the Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines.

During the fire, riders on a Metro-North train inbound to Grand Central took to social media to complain that they were stuck in a tunnel and told it was due to an outage.

"What the [expletive] is going on!? Have been stuck on this train heading into Grand Central from North White Plains, some power outage!" one Twitter user vented.

Others reported seeing smoke at Grand Central.

"Hi @MetroNorth can you tell me if my train was just on fire is that why the whole tunnel was full of smoke and I was urged out the north exit and had to walk back to grand central," another commuter tweeted.