Firefighter Seriously Injured Battling 4-Alarm East Village Blaze: FDNY

WNBC 4 - October 03, 2018

by Tracie Strahan

The entire building, along with two neighboring buildings, was evacuated

Thirteen people were hurt, nearly a dozen of them firefighters, when a six-alarm fire erupted in the East Village early Wednesday, a blaze that continued to burn beyond five hours despite 200 FDNYers at the scene, authorities say.

One firefighter was seriously hurt in what the FDNY described as a "stubborn" blaze, which broke out inside a five-story apartment building just before 2 a.m. on First Avenue, between East 11th and East 12th streets. Flames were still seen five hours later, prompting the city to shut down at least one school -- JHS 60 -- in the area and redirect PS 19 students to a different facility for the day.

The fire started off as a three-alarm blaze burning on the first and second floors, but quickly went to a fourth-alarm and then went up again to a fifth-alarm around 5 a.m. Then it escalated to a sixth-alarm emergency.

Eleven firefighters were injured, although just one of them suffered serious injuries, but officials say he is expected to survive; all other injuries to firefighters were considered to be minor. The type of injuries the firefighters suffered was not immediately known.

Two civilians were also hurt, but their injuries were also described to be minor. Other civilians were seen wrapped in Red Cross blankets as they looked on.

The entire building, along with two neighboring ones, was evacuated. It’s not yet known what may have sparked the blaze.