Info Fax# 74 September 14, 2018

IAFF Disaster Relief Fund

The IAFF Foundation seeks to provide aid to IAFF Union Firefighters and their families during times of need. Part of the IAFF Foundation's efforts to help members and their families following natural disasters is the IAFF Disaster Relief Fund, created to provide assistance to members living in disaster areas who have also experienced losses of their own.

The Disaster Relief Fund provides immediate financial assistance and disaster relief efforts to help displaced firefighters and their families while they continue to serve the surrounding communities.

The Disaster Relief Fund has provided more than $5 million dollars in assistance to IAFF members and families in times of need since its creation in 1993. The Fund has worked to provide disaster relief efforts throughout the years to members and their families affected by some of the most devastating hurricanes, floods and tornadoes that have affected our country. In addition to financial relief, The Fund works to assist members and their families in the disaster areas, providing incident command staff, communications, evacuation, food, medicine, behavioral health and counseling, building materials, crews for house repairs, transportation, and housing support.

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