65-2 #35 June 04, 2018

Lobby Day Schedule Update

#35 of 2018 ยท June 4th Lobby Day Schedule Update All members attending Lobby Day on June 12th should try to arrive by 10:30am. Between 10:30-11:30, we will meet at Prime at the Plaza for an early lunch (Prime at the Plaza is located on the lower level on the concourse of the capital buildings.)

Around 11:00, the Board will address the membership and discuss the day's events. Then between 11:30am & 4:00pm, members should meet with Representatives in both their response areas and home districts.

To find your Senator, go to www.nysenate.gov. Click the link "Find Your Senator." To find your Assembly-member, go to www.assembly.state.ny.us and go to "Who is my assemblymember?"

Members should try to schedule meetings with their own representatives. If possible, try to schedule before 4:00pm. If your respective representative is unavailable, visiting his/her office and speaking with their Chief of Staff is also a good idea, and a good way to get our message out.

We want to remind members to give themselves extra time to account for going through security in and around the Capital.

Members should wear Class A's (dress cap optional).

Purpose of Bill: Provide NYC Police Officers & Firefighters with the option to elect to receive benefits as they existed before the Tier 2 extender was vetoed by Governor Patterson.

We will put together talking points and additional information for members that we will email beforehand and have hard copies of on Lobby Day to distribute to all members.


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary