Governor Cuomo Bill Signing - UFA Political Action - April 11, 2018


The UFA is requesting that any available members attend Governor Cuomo's bill signing this Thursday, April 12. If you are not planning on attending the General Membership Meeting, we ask that you make the effort to attend this important signing.

The UFA is committed to holding its previously scheduled General Membership Meeting, so we are asking any members who were not planning to attend the Queens GMM to try to attend the Governor's bill signing in Manhattan. This important legislation is in preparation for the pending Supreme Court Janus decision expected to negatively impact union practice and membership throughout the nation. We also have other issues that will be coming across the Governor's desk over the course of this legislative session. The presence of our UFA membership is essential at this bill signing. A trustee will also be in attendance at 52 Broadway.

Location: UFT, 52 Broadway, New York, NY

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018

Time: 11:15 AM (12:00 PM start)

Attire: Company Shirts/Jackets/Sweatshirt

The essence of the bill being signed is as follows: "Union Dues/Janus Response

Budget bill: (REV), S.7509-C/A.9509-C, Part RRR

Summary: Amends the civil service, general municipal, and state finance law to allow public-employee unions the right to deny certain services, such as free legal help, to covered employees who choose not to join or pay dues. In fact, unions are no longer obligated to provide any services to opt-out members beyond basic salary and benefits required by contract.

Effective Date: Immediately"

Thank you,

UFA Executive Board