FDNY Reminds New Yorkers to Replace Alarm Batteries

News 12 - November 05, 2017

by News 12

The FDNY is issuing The FDNY is issuing a reminder to New Yorkers to replace the batteries in smoke and CO alarms to coincide with the end of daylight saving time this weekend.

Stationed in spots around the city, including inside a Target store, fire officials were handing out batteries on Saturday and reminding people that clocks aren't the only things that need to be updated.

"Whenever you change the clock, change the battery -- that's how you remember. So we're out in the spring and fall just to make people aware of it -- a lot of people forget to change the batteries so we're out giving out batteries and just to give them a reminder," says Lt. Steven Vano.

Organizers say 630 batteries were handed out in just one location over a few hours.