Ferry Passenger Rescued after Falling Overboard Near Battery Park

NY Daily News - November 04, 2017


A crazed crook jumped into the Hudson River in lower Manhattan Friday morning after stealing a taxi cab, officials said.

The 58-year-old man stole a cab on North End Ave. in Battery Park City and drove three blocks to River Terrace, where he jumped from the seawall into the river about 8:50 a.m., police said.

The crew on NY Waterway’s Gov. Thomas H. Kean ferry spotted the man in the water. Deckhands Gregorio Pages and Pietro Romano lowered a roll-up ladder from the bow of the boat and got the man out of the water.

Capt. David LaRocco and the crew of NY Waterway Brooklyn ferry also helped in the rescue.

The ferry workers turned the man over to police, who were quickly on scene.

"Within seconds four ferries and a police boat surrounded him, and rescued him!" Tatham Smith tweeted.

The jumper, who was not injured, was taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation. Charges against him were pending.

The cab was stolen just a few blocks from the site of Tuesday’s truck terror attack that killed eight.

"The crew did an excellent job. They did what they were trained to do," said Dave Dort, captain of the Gov. Thomas H. Kean ferry. "For us, this is all in a day's work."

In July 2016, Dort spotted a man in the Hudson River near W. 39th Street and supervised his crew in the rescue. Pages was also involved in that rescue.

Over 31 years, NY Waterway ferry crews have rescued more than 250 people from area waters, a company official said.