Fire Erupts In Bronx building For Second Time in a Week, Two Firefighters Injured

NY Daily News - October 02, 2017


A raging fire broke out in the Bronx Sunday — two days after another blaze ripped through the same building, authorities and witnesses said.

Firefighters raced to the three-story building on Watson Ave. near Evergreen Ave. in Soundview around 2:30 p.m. after a fire broke out on the top floor, according to the FDNY.

“It was like deja vu,” said Nilda Rodriguez, 58, who lives nearby and watched firefighters extinguishing the fire on Friday.

“I did see a firefighter injured. He collapsed. It looked like he inhaled all that smoke,” he added.

Medics treated two firefighters for minor injuries and smoke inhalation, authorities said. The blaze was brought under control around 4:30 p.m.

Building resident Megan Polanco, 24, said she was home in the second floor when she noticed smoke filtering from the top dwelling.

"The fire spread quickly. I live on the second floor. I was pulled out of the apartment. They had to take me out. Someone was ringing the doorbell and saying, fire! Fire! Fire! The fire spread from the next building.

“I got my grandmother out first. She's about to be 80," she said. "I wanted to make sure she was out and safe."

She pointed at the apartment under the most damaged one. "We can't go back home. It's all damaged."

Friends Catherina Cruz, 42, and Ada Toro, 45, took video of firefighters caring for one of their own.

"Oh no, poor man. He collapsed. It's so sad!" Toro says as she recorded.

Cruz saw others running for their lives.

"Someone from the third floor stuck their head out of the window. And I pointed at her and said, there's a fire upstairs is the fire upstairs! Get out!" Cruz recalled. "The flames and smoke got strong pretty quickly. She ran out."