Centennial Celebration
65-2 #55 September 21, 2017

New York State Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony Transportation Deadline

The UFA will be providing buses from The Rock to the memorial in Albany. A headcount is needed No later than Tuesday, September 26th at 1pm for the buses. We are asking all Firefighters to contact their respective Delegates, if they plan on attending. All Delegates, after polling their members, need to contact their Trustees with a head count by the above date and time so the appropriate amount of buses can be reserved and the membership can be accommodated while in Albany.

Local 2007 Albany Permanent Professional Fire Fighters Association will be hosting an event for our members. If you are NOT going to require transportation, but will be attending, we NEED YOU TO LET YOUR DELEGATE KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING. The 20th Annual New York State Fallen Firefighters Memorial Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at the memorial site on the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY, and will honor 118 firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty. FDNY members account for 114 out of 118 of these fallen heroes.

Vincent J. Albanese
Raymond W. Alexander
Robert G. Alford
Richard D. Arazosa
Keith E. Atlas
Sheldon Barocas
Michael G. Behette
Ronald D. Biller
Howard J. Bischo
Ronald R. Brenneisen
Russell C. Brinkworth
Richard M. Burke
Kevin R. Byrnes
Joseph T. Callahan
Carl Capobianco
Peter J. Casey
John J. Cassidy
Kevin J. Cassidy
Roy W. Chelsen
Gregory A. Chevalley
Joseph P. Colleluori, Jr.
John K. Corcoran
James N. Costello
Joseph P. Costello
Joan R. Daley
Kevin M. Delano, Sr.
Nicholas J. DeMasi
Robert F. DiGiovanni
Robert W. Dillon
George D. Eysser
Michael J. Fahy
Peter J. Farrenkopf
Cruz Antonio Fernandez
Frank D. Fontaino
Robert A. Ford
Bruce M. Foss
Willie T. Franklin, Jr.
Martin T. Fullam
John T. Gallagher, Sr.
Gary J. Gates
John R. Graziano
Thomas J. Greaney
John K. Gremse
William J. Guido
John J. Halpin
Emil K. Harnischfeger
Raymond W. Hauber
Dennis J. Heedles, Sr.
Daniel E. Heglund
Robert M. Hess
Cornell L. Horne
Robert W. Johnson
Stephen M. Johnson
Vanclive A. Johnson
Charles L. Jones III
Thomas J. Kelly
James Lanza
Robert E. Leaver
Emilio R. Longo
Keith M. Loughlin
Brian C. Malloy
Richard A. Manetta
James J. Marshall
Mark W. McKay
Eugene J. McCarey
Sean M. McCarthy
Richard E. McGuire
John F. McNamara
Michael F. Mongelli
Gregorio Morales
William E. Moreau
Joseph A. Morstatt
Steven C. Mosiello
John P. Murray
Reinaldo Natal
Richard E. Nogan
Anthony J. Nuccio
William R. O'Connor
John F. O'Neill
Adolfo Otaño
Jacques W. Paultre
William H. Quick
Raymond Ragucci
Edward F. Reilly, Jr.
Steven B. Reisman
Thomas G. Roberts
Kevin A. Rooney
James J. Ryan
William R. St. George
Martin C. Simmons
Michael P. Smith
Michael Sofia
Steven Sorger
Virginia A. Spinelli
Robert J. Stegmeier
John P. Sullivan, Jr.
Lawrence J. Sullivan
Patrick J. Sullivan
Charles S. Szoke
Vincent J. Tancredi, II
Thomas J. Thompson
Edward V. Tietjen
Walter Torres
Vincent R. Ungaro
Thomas R. VanDoran
John J. Vaughan
Robert J. Ventriglia
Walter Voight
Harry Wanamaker, Jr.
Robert J. Wieber
Randy J. Wiebicke
William Wilson, Jr.
William E. Woodlon


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary