Firefighters Free Man Trapped Under Torahs when Safe Tipped at Brooklyn Yeshiva of Machizikai Hadas

NY Daily News - July 12, 2017

by NY Daily News

A man at a Brooklyn rabbinical college showed the patience of Job Monday as he waited for firefighters to free him from beneath a safe filled with Torahs that fell on him.

The man opened the safe’s metal doors to pull out one of the sacred scrolls at the Yeshiva of Machizikai Hadas in Borough Park when the weight of the doors pulled the safe over, trapping him beneath the bulky metal unit.

Witnesses said the man was not injured, but just a little shaken up.

David Friedman, who works at the Borough Park synagogue, said they were doing renovations at the time of the accident.

“He didn’t have enough time to run away,” Friedman said.

The man emerged smiling about 30 minutes later, after firefighters created enough leverage to create more space underneath the safe.

Many synagogues have kept their Torahs under lock and key since a burglary of scrolls in Flatbush several years ago, according to another man at the college.