Glass Falls 15 Stories from Times Square Hilton, FDNY Says

DNA Info - July 04, 2017

by Ben Fractenberg and Katherine Lavacca

MIDTOWN — A glass panel plunged 15 stories onto a couple of parked cars in Times Square Monday, officials said.

The glass fell from the Hilton Times Square Hotel on West 41st Street near Eight Avenue at about 4:41 p.m., according to the FDNY.

No one was hurt and the block was closed to traffic while responders cleaned the glass off the street.

Cab driver Manny Morocho, 54, said he was driving along the block with passengers in the back when the glass smashed onto his vehicle, breaking his back windshield.

"Thank god no one was hurt," Morocho said. "If it was a regular working day it would've been really bad because of all the people that are walking and driving at this time. It's lucky it happened on a day like today."

Another vehicle also appeared to have its windshield broken.

It was not immediately clear how the glass became loose.