Firefighters Credited with Rescuing Person Hanging from Window of Burning Grant City Apartment Building

SI Advance - April 19, 2017


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Two firefighters are credited with saving an individual who was hanging from a Grant City apartment building during a Monday afternoon fire, according to a Facebook post from the FDNY.

Ronald Mitchell of Rescue 5 and Michael Luongo of Engine 160 worked together to rescue the person who was hanging from a window of the enkindled sixth floor of the seven-story building at 145 Lincoln Ave.

"When we arrived we saw someone hanging out the window, covered in soot, on the fire floor," Mitchell said.

He entered the room where the patient was and found cluttered conditions, according to the post. He proceeded to crawl across the floor to the window the individual was hanging from, and saw Luongo on an aerial ladder outside the window.

"I told the patient that it's going to be ok," Mitchell said. The patient was in and out of consciousness, so we decided the safest way to get the patient down was to secure the patient onto a stokes basket and slide him down the ladder."

They safely got the individual down from the window, and he was transported to Staten Island University Hospital in Ocean Breeze in serious condition.

Firefighter Luongo said Engine 160 had drilled with Rescue 5 earlier in the week on a situation like the one they experience Monday.