Fire `Fighters'

NY Daily News - March 08, 2017

by Thomas Tracy

THESE SMOKE-EATERS like to knock out more than flames.

The raging bulls who make up the FDNY's boxing team will be taking on a scrappy New England Law Enforcement team Friday at Webster Hall, officials said. Fighters will be touching gloves beginning at 7 p.m.

The Bravest will be duking it out with fellow first responders to raise money for the "Building Homes for Heroes" program, which builds residences for wounded warriors, boxing coach and retired FDNY Fire fighter Bobby McGuire said.

"It'll help the veterans," said McGuire, one of the founding members of the FDNY boxing team, which was created in 1982.

"(Boxing) also keeps these guys in the best shape of their lives, which is needed in the job we do," McGuire explained.

"One of the biggest threats to a firefighter is heart attacks and heat exhaustion," he said. "Once we're done with them, these guys are finelytuned athletes who are ready to go into a ring or a ring of fire."

The FDNY team is a mix of firefighters and members of the Emergency Medical Services, as well as men and women.

"I was a little scared because I never boxed before," Firefighter Hildy Santana, 29, said of her first fight. "But it's just really fun."