Drone Aids FDNY Response to Bronx Apartment Fire

NY 1 - March 07, 2017

by NY 1

A drone was used Monday night to help the fire department get a handle on an apartment building fire in the Bronx.

Flames broke out on the sixth floor of a building located at 653 Crotona Park North around 6:30 p.m. and spread to the lower floors.

The eight pound drone was deployed to get a good look at the building's roof.

It features a high definition and infrared camera.

Fire officials later showed off the drone's view from above.

This was the first time the department used a drone at an actual fire after practicing for several months.

"This area over here started to actually collapse and that's what we were concerned about. However, viewing the picture from here plus the verbal reports we realized it was just the smaller upper beams of a raised roof that were collapsing and not the full roof itself," said FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Dan Donoghue.

The fire was under control within about 45 minutes.

The cause is still under investigation.