Wind Gusts Up to 60 MPH Cause City to Issue Safety Warning

DNA Info - February 14, 2017

by Ben Fractenberg and Trevor Kapp

DOWNTOWN — Gusting wind — at times blowing at 60 mph — caused glass to rain down on sidewalks, a roof to collapse and other incidents that prompted the city to fear for New Yorkers' safety.

The city Department of Buildings issued an advisory to property owners and builders to secure any loose items. It also urged crane operators to suspend operations when winds hit 30 mph.

The gusts were expected to last through 6 pm, according to the National Weather Service.

The Office of Emergency Management urged pedestrians and drivers to take care when going out and to be on the lookout for flying debris.

In Lower Manhattan, a glass windowpane in the facade of the Millenium [SIC] Hotel came crashing onto the sidewalk at Dey and Church streets just before noon, the FDNY and DOB said.

Stacey Burt, 30, was walking south on Broadway with her young kids when she spotted firefighters blocking off Park Place.

“That’s terrifying,” she said. “So scary. We walk a mile to and from school. I’ve been scared of ice, and to think it could be glass from a window.”

Firefighters and the Office of Emergency Management were still on scene more than an hour later.

In Queens, the wind gusts caused the ceiling of Savvy Carwash, on Horace Harding Expressing near Utopia Parkway, to cave in, according to the FDNY.

“The roof just kind of collapsed,” said Nayma Sheoraj, 22, a worker at Savvy Car Wash. “It just fell to the side. We have had bad wind because of the storm.”

The strong gusts were brought on by a stubborn area of low pressure off the coast of Maine, National Weather Service forecasters said.

“We’re getting the wind from that,” NWS spokeswoman Faye Barchold said. “Those winds will decrease late afternoon into the evening.”