Centennial Celebration
65-2 #4 January 23, 2017

Staffing For Impending Coastal Storm

From FDNY Headquarters
In anticipation of a coastal storm, the following resources are authorized by the Chief of Department effective @1800 hrs Monday 1/23/17 in the following Boroughs:

Staten Island
Bn-73 Located in E-168, (5) BFU's, RRV 77 & RRV 79, (1) High Axle Vehicle
Rescue Battalion 2: Located at SICO in Richmond

(1) BFU-321, RRV 132 & RRV 170, (1) High Axle Vehicle
Swift Water Search Team: Located at RDC Foster Ave and East 102 St Brooklyn

BN-74 Located in E-266, 1 BFU, RRV 126 & RRV 136, (1) High Axle Vehicle

No additional Staffing

No additional Staffing
Safety Battalion 2: Located in E-72


James M. Slevin

LeRoy C. McGinnis
Recording Secretary