65-2 #40 September 21, 2016

James Slevin - New UFA President

Effective September 20th, according to the UFA Constitution Vice-President James Slevin L-7, is named the interim President due to the resignation of Stephen Cassidy. Jim will remain as President until full board elections take place early next year. The current term ends April 30, 2017.

In addition, the UFA executive board met along with legal counsel, on Monday September 19th, at which time the board voted to invoke: Article V, Section 5. Turncoat Prevention. The board vote was 9-1, which includes the Fire Marshal Rep. Additional appointments will be made shortly.

The full timeline on elections will be posted on a future 65-2. (Nominations will take place in February).


Stephen J. Cassidy

LeRoy C. McGinnis
Recording Secretary