NY Post - December 17, 2004

by Lorena Mongelli

Firefighters rushed into a burning Bronx building and rescued a man trapped on the second floor early yesterday.

The fire started at 10 a.m. in a bedroom in Apartment 2C at 535 Havemeyer Ave.

Noel Jones, 22, was hanging out the window gasping for air when firefighters arrived at the scene.

"We pulled up to the building and saw flames and black smoke," said Firefighter Douglas Ferretti, 43, of Ladder Co. 47.

"The occupant's arm and head were sticking out the window for air. He couldn't get out because of the window guards."

Ferretti said he propped a ladder to climb up to Jones' window, and then used a special crowbar known as a halligan to break the window guards. He quickly grabbed Jones by the legs and brought him down to safety.

Meanwhile, firefighter Frederick Burnett ran inside the flaming apartment and made sure no one else was inside.

"The fire was rolling. I just stayed low, there was a lot of smoke," said Burnett. "It was like an oven in there,"

Firefighter Sean Murphy added, "I'm glad [Jones is] OK. He would've never made it out if he tried to get out the normal way."

Authorities said the fire may have been started by someone smoking in bed.