65-2 #22 May 26, 2016

FDNY Medal Day 2016

This year's FDNY Medal Day Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 1st at 11am at City Hall Park. All Department members, including medal winners and their families, who plan to attend the ceremonies, should report to the Park Row entrance of City Hall by 9am. In the event of inclement weather, this year's rain location will be the New York State Armory located at 68 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan. The final determination of where the ceremony will be held will be made on Tuesday, May 31st.

Parking & Security Restrictions
There is NO parking available for private vehicles at City Hall. It is highly recommended to use mass transportation. City Hall security requires all persons entering City Hall grounds to pass through a metal detector. This applies to all members (including those in uniform). Members must also present their FDNY ID card. In addition, no pocket knives or similar type tools will be allowed into the grounds of City Hall.

Units of medal recipients wishing to display banners at the medal day ceremony are requested to deliver the banners to the Ceremonial Unit Office at Building 135A, General R.W. Berry Drive, Fort Totten, NY no later than Monday May 30th, or you can deliver the banners to the Ceremonial Unit at City Hall, located at 1 City Hall, City Hall Park, (Broadway and Murray Street), Manhattan, between 7am and 9am on Wednesday, June 1st. The Ceremonial Unit will prominently display the banners for your unit. Banners which are not delivered to the Ceremonial Unit can be displayed, but NOT hung or attached to any part of City Hall. It is requested to limit the size of the banners to 4'x 6'. Note: Air Horns are NOT permitted at the ceremony. Security personnel at City Hall will enforce the air horn restriction.

Any questions, please call the Ceremonial Unit Office at 718-281-3864.


Stephen J. Cassidy

LeRoy C. McGinnis
Recording Secretary