65-2 #53 June 28, 2011

All 20 Companies Saved!

The Mayor and City Council reached a budget agreement on June 24th, which restored funding for all 20 companies that were slated to be closed. The UFA and UFOA rallied support around the City with a PR campaign that informed the public about the dangers of closing companies. We lobbied all our key elected officials and received overwhelming support from the City Council to stop all firehouse closings. Over recent weeks, New Yorkers came together at over 50 community rallies to save fire companies. This was clearly democracy in action as communities raised their voices and expressed just how much of a lifeline their local firehouse is.

Keeping all the firehouses open is a major victory for public safety, but our fight is far from over. We are certain we will have to deal with this issue again for next year's budget, if not sooner.

We would like to thank City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (Chair of the Fire & Criminal Justice Services Committee) and all City Council members who supported our efforts. We would also like to thank the IAFF and NYSPFFA for their financial support and other assistance.

The UFA Executive Board would like to thank all members who turned out for rallies and press conferences. Your efforts were significant to achieving our victory.