65-2 #13 February 02, 2011

Riding Early in Understaffed Units

Department Regulations 11.1.2 require that all members riding must be assigned on the Officer's Riding List. If you are not on the Riding List, you are not permitted to ride. Early relief is only permitted man-for-man, as per Department Regulations 21.1.4, which state "Members may be relieved before roll call for a period not to exceed 60 minutes. Such relief shall be on mutual exchange basis." Members are reminded that if you arrive at work early and your unit is still riding understaffed, you are not permitted to ride unless it is an authorized early relief of another FF, or if ordered by your Officer. If ordered, you will be entitled to overtime compensation for all time worked prior to commencement of your regular tour start time.

If you ride early in violation of Department policy, as noted above, you may not be covered by the City if you are injured. You will also be exposing your Officer to possible liability as well. It was the City's decision to reduce manning to save money at the expense of Firefighter and civilian safety. Do not jeopardize your family and your career. We are professional Firefighters. UFA MEMBERS DO NOT WORK FOR FREE!!!


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary