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March 15, 2017
WPIX - Fire Breaks Out at Upper East Side Mansion

DNA Info - Fire Rips Through Multimillion-Dollar Upper East Side Mansion, FDNY Says

DNA Info - 2 Children Hurt in Fire at Washington Heights Apartment Building: FDNY

Chief Leader - In First Trial by 'Fire,' Drone Offers Overhead Insight to Commander

March 14, 2017
The Patch - Midtown High-Rise Fire Prompts Building Evacuation

SILive - FDNY Fights House Fire in Grant City

WABC - FDNY Members Shave Heads for Children's Cancer Research in Queens

Western Queens Gazette - Rooftop Fire at Kaufman Studios Building

March 10, 2017
WABC - FDNY Trains to Battle Fires in Apartments with Hoarding Problems

CBS 2 - Fire Rips Through Apartment Building in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

March 09, 2017
SILive - FDNY: Cause of Fatal Fire Under Investigation as Authorities Devise Plan to Safely Enter Building

Newsday - FDNY Commissioner Says Department Needs to Diversify Ranks

Queens Gazette - St. Pat's for All Celebration

March 08, 2017
NY Daily News - FDNY Uses Drone for First Time to Fight Bronx Fire

NY Post - FDNY Uses Drone to Help Fight Building Fire

NY Daily News - Fire `Fighters'

March 07, 2017
SILive - FDNY: 1 Woman Dead in Great Kills House Fire

AMNY - Fire in Staten Island Home Kills 1, FDNY Says

CBS 2 - Fire Official: Up to 5 Feet of Debris Inside Home Made Fighting Fatal Staten Island Blaze 'Difficult'

CBS 2 - Roof Rope Rescue Saves Brooklyn Man Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped on Third Floor - Several Buildings May be Razed after 7-Alarm Richmond Hill Blaze

NY 1 - Drone Aids FDNY Response to Bronx Apartment Fire

NY Post - Hoarder Killed after Fire Rips through Staten Island Home

March 06, 2017
WNBC 4 - FDNY Firefighters Rescue Trapped Man Looking for Grandmother from Brooklyn Fire

WNBC 4 - 250 Firefighters Battle Fire in Queens; 5 Injured, 13 Buildings Damaged: Authorities

WNBC 4 - FDNY Firefighters Rescue Trapped Man Looking for Grandmother from Brooklyn Fire

WABC - 7-alarm Fire Destroys Row of Businesses in Richmond Hill, Queens

NY Daily News - Firefighters Use Risky Technique to Save Man Trapped in Brooklyn Building

March 05, 2017
NY Daily News - Queens Firefighter Leaps from Second-Floor Window to Escape Blaze

CBS 2 - Firefighters Battle Massive Blaze in Jamaica, Queens

CBS 2 - Hundreds of Firefighters Battle 7-Alarm Blaze in Queens

WNBC 4 - 7-Alarm Fire Destroys Row of Businesses in Richmond Hill

NY 1 - Seven-Alarm Blaze Tears Through Several Richmond Hill Buildings, Sending One Person to the Hospital

March 04, 2017
DNA Info - Fire Breaks Out in Trump Hotel in Columbus Circle, FDNY Says

The Patch - Trump International Hotel Fire: 1 Injured in High-Rise Blaze

CBS 2 - Fire Breaks Out at Trump International Hotel in Manhattan

March 03, 2017
NY Daily News - Blaze Tears Through Several Bronx Homes, Injures Six

NY Daily News - Fire Rips Through Brooklyn Family's Nearly-Finished New Home, Further Displacing Them Less than Five Years After Hurricane Sandy

NY 1 - FDNY Battles Four-Alarm Bronx Fire

March 02, 2017
WNBC 4 - Six Injured as Fire Tears Through Multiple Homes in the Bronx

CBS 2 - 6 Hurt in 4-Alarm Blaze in The Bronx

NY 1 - FDNY Battles Four-Alarm Bronx Fire

WABC - 160+ Firefighters Battle Fire in 6 Row Houses in Claremont Village, Bronx

The Patch - Bronx Fire Tears Through 6 Buildings

DNA Info - Family Dogs 'Pikachu' and 'Lady' Missing After Fire Rips Through Six Homes

NY Daily News - Mighty Quinn

February 28, 2017
WNBC 4 - Victims in Small Plane Crash in NY Identified; Off-Duty FDNY Firefighters Were Among Guardsmen Who Rescued Sole Survivor

NY Daily News - Two FDNY Firefighters Rescue Pilot in Long Island Plane Crash

February 27, 2017
Gothamist - 4-Alarm Fire Rips Through Upper West Side Building, Injuring 7

WNBC 4 - Popular Eatery Temporarily Shuttered After Blaze Tears Through 2 Buildings on Upper West Side: FDNY

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