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July 29, 2014
NY Daily News - Ground Zero Cross Can Remain at 9/11 Museum, Court Says; Atheists' Suit Tossed

Chief Leader - Cleared of Leak, She Gets Late Promotion to Fire Lieutenant

Chief Leader - Tests of Fire: Constant Study During Hours of Isolation to Master Material

Chief Leader - For The Record

NY Post - Steel Will Stay at WTC Memorial: Court

July 28, 2014
NY Post - City’s Pension Fund Scores a Solid 17.4 Percent Return

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier - NYC Firefighters Raise Money for Vets on RAGBRAI

July 27, 2014
NY Daily News - EXCLUSIVE: IRS Fails to Inform 9/11 Victims of Tax Breaks, Leaving Many First Responders without Refunds

NY Post - 2,500 Ground Zero Workers have Cancer

ABC News - Queens Fire Leaves Firefighters with Minor Injuries

CBS 2 - Firefighters, Civilian Injured In Queens Three-Alarm Fire

CBS 2 - Report: Number Of Ground Zero Cancer Cases Skyrocketing

July 26, 2014
NY Post - FDNY 'Babying' Cadet Who Can't Pass Fitness Tests: Classmate

July 25, 2014
NY Daily News - Blaze Rips Through Bronx Supermarket, Leaves 3 People Injured

Associated Press - Fire Spreads Through Bronx Supermarket

WNBC 4 - Child, Firefighters Injured in 5-Alarm Blaze at Bronx Supermarket

July 23, 2014
NY Post - Brooklyn Man Crushed by Falling Tree Branch

July 22, 2014
NY Daily News - Retired FDNY Firefighter Receives Cutting-Edge Spinal Treatment to Minimize Pain

Chief Leader - After Losing in Court On Fifth Firefighter, UFA to Argue Safety

July 20, 2014
NY Daily News - Forensic Pathologist Details Grim Work Helping Identify Bodies after 9/11 in New Book

NY Daily News - Firefighters Outraged FDNY is Searching Phone Records for Press Leaks

July 18, 2014
NY Post - NYC Pensions Get Poor Returns from Private Equity

July 17, 2014
Fortune - Google Unveils Maps to Track Natural Gas Leaks Below City Streets

July 15, 2014
NY Post - Daughter of 9/11 Hero Begins Firefighting Training

NY 1 - New Probationary Firefighter Class Considered One of the Most Diverse

Chief Leader - City Says Goodbye to Devoted Family Man Who 'Loved Being a Fireman'

NY Times - Hoarders Pose Special Problems For Firefighters Coping With Low Visibility

Chief Leader - 9/11 Victims Fund Making Headway on Backlog of Claims

Chief Leader - Independent Auditor Blames 2 Agencies in VSF Payment Misfire

July 14, 2014
NY Daily News - Fire at Observation Deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza Injures Six People

The Wall Street Journal - Rockefeller Plaza Fire Injures Six

NY Post - A Hero's Sacrifice

NY Daily News - Retired Cops, Firefighters Accused in Disability Scam Could Be Spared Huge Fines if They Plead Guilty: Sources

July 13, 2014
Associated Press - TV's 'Cake Boss' Helped from Fogged-In Boat in NYC

NY Post - ‘Cake Boss’ Rescued After he Gets Lost on Boat in Foggy Bay

July 12, 2014
NY Post - 9 Children, 4 Adults Rescued from Boat Lost in the Fog

NY Post - FDNY Probes Chief Over Leaks to Post

NY Post - NYC has Given Out a Lot of Tickets this Year

Associated Press - Fire Crews Battling Clutter Along with the Flames

July 11, 2014
NY Daily News - Funeral Held for Firefighter Who Died Fighting Brooklyn Blaze

NY Daily News - Editorial: A Loss Too Painful

NY Daily News - FDNY Firefighters Say Goodbye To Lt. Gordon Ambelas, Who Lived the Way He Died - a Hero

NY Daily News - Teen Son of Late 'Sopranos' Actor James Gandolfini Attends Staten Island Charity for Wounded Soldiers

NY Daily News - Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team to Take on Bay Ridge Locals in Benefit Game

The Wall Street Journal - Thousands Mourn Fallen Firefighter

NY Times - Final Salute for Firefighter: ‘He Was a Lesson to the Rest of Us’

NY Post - Thousands Mourn Fallen Staten Island Firefighter

NY Post - Fund Pays for Education of Fallen Firefighters’ Children

Associated Press - Thousands Appear for NYC Firefighter's Funeral

NY Times - Thousands Bid Emotional Farewell To FDNY Lt. Gordon ‘Matt’ Ambelas

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